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Welcome to Bit-Mining.com

Ever wondered what Bitcoins are? ever wondered how to mine them? Well you’ve come to the right please.
Here we can answer those questions…
Please make a selection from the two following pages, each ones provides information about Bitcoins and Bitcoin mining…

What are Bitcoins?

If your new to Bitcoins and want to find out what it is everyone is taking about please visit our “What are Bitcoins?” page to find out more.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Already aware of Bitcoins but want to know what Bitcoin mining is? then head over to our “What is Bitcoin mining?” webpage to find out more.

What is Bit-mining.com all about?

I have been following and using Bitcoins for about 2 years, I use to mine Bitcoins as a hobby and use to have a blog following my progress. Bitcoin became big in the media which is a good thing but basically killed off Bitcoin mining for all but the professionals with big wallets that can afford the hardware.
Now I watch what’s going on with Bitcoins, I have started this website backup as a means of helping and engaging with other Bitcoin users. I plan on setting a forum which is in the pipe lines but for now if you scroll down to the comments section and post your question there I will get back to you.

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